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Our Researches

Current Projects


The main objective of the project is to develop a system capable of monitoring the univercity city’s circular buses and providing the academic community with information that facilitates the daily lives of bus users. The main information that will be made available on the website will be the location of buses, but others informations may also be available, such as the estimated time for a trip.


The subp-2021-testbed is responsible for implementing a test platform for a virtualized mobile network to investigate the application of AI techniques in network management, service assurance and incident management on 6G networks.


This project aims to create strategies to deal with the New Radio (NR) high complexity related to parameter optimization and radio resource management (RRM​). Some other research points include: user scheduling in channels/BSs/beams​, network digital twins to improve map-based mmWave channel dataset generation, beam selection strategies, and communication overhead mitigation.​

Finalized Projects


The main objective of the PETi project is to provide to the engineering students the application of technical knowledge through inclusive actions among them, in order to benefit the society with instruction, research and extension activities at UFPA.


The CELCOM project (Community Mobile Telephony) is a research project with strong social impact that aims to provide voice and data connectivity to isolated rural communities in Amazonia. Due to its impact and transformation potential, CELCOM has received prizes and national and international support.

Satellite Tracking System

The Satellite Tracking System’s aim is to develop two product lines for satellite tracking through research about tracking using mono-pulse techniques. It also focuses on research in solar positioning for applications in solar energy.

Integrated system for continued evaluation of security of the grounding system in energized substations subject to atmospheric discharges

In this project, prototypes of a type of data acquisition equipment based in microcontrollers have been developed, for the purpose of diagnosing the conditions of degradation of grounding meshes of energized substations. The developed system is portable with embedded hardware and software. It captures voltage and current data in a grounding system, in industrial frequency. A wireless sensor network was built, with the information captured by the data acquisition systems being transmitted to a remote entity using the IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee technologies. The entire system allows the continued and remote evaluation of the grounding system.

5G Connectivity in Applications Coordinated with Machine Intelligence

This project combines drone machine learning techniques to establish a development platform for 5G solutions that require coordination and connectivity.